Adventures of Max

Max’s Back to School Guide

Summer break is coming to an end, which means many kiddos are swapping the pool floats and bathing suits for backpacks and lunch pails! As the resident teacher’s pet, I know all the tricks for making this school year the best year ever! Grab a

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Max’s Favorite Sunsets

There is nothing more beautiful than the sun setting on the day. Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. The mixes of purple, blue, pink and red never fail to make the sky look like a cotton candy-like dessert!

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My Trip to Work with Mom

School’s out for summer, which means heading to work with Mom for Take Your Dog to Work Day sadly isn’t an option for me. On the bright side, Mom takes me to work plenty of times throughout the school year, so I’m just the dog to

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My New Manhattan Raised Dog Bed

YOU GUYS! Last week, Mom’s friends over at New Age Pet sent us their super durable and super stylish ecoFlex Manhattan Raised Dog Bed. I don’t know many dogs in Manhattan but if this is how they sleep every night, I may have to talk

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Ways I Know My Pet Parents Appreciate Me

Wow, you humans sure do love holidays. I’m not complaining because when Mom told me there was a whole week dedicated to appreciating pets, I was pumped! Since my pet parents are the best at showing me they care, I wanted to share some of

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Perfectly Imperfect

Everyone has something that makes them special and for me that’s my one ear up. While it might not be a disability, it sure is what makes me, 100% me! Specially-abled Pets Day was created to celebrate the many pets that have something that makes

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Not Pure Bred, Put Pure Love

You know that saying, home is where your dog is? Yeah, well, it’s totally true! Whether they are pure bred or pure love, you can never go wrong with adding a dog to your life. Sadly, while several mutts await their forever homes in shelters,

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Jade Gabriel
This book is great for kids and adults alike. Children can learn about danger, trust, and friendship. I follow Max on Instagram, and it was great to be able to picture him as I read. A very enjoyable story!
Max’s Adventure is awesome!! Live this story!
Minh TrinhKindle
My nieces loved it. I enjoyed it as well. I kept wanting to find out what happened next. Very fun book to read. Hope there is a sequel.
I’m enjoying this book for myself. Haha. We gave it to a nephew and he really liked it too!