Adventures of Max

Letter to Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws, Hi. It’s me, Max! Friends call me One Up Max. Its sort of my staple, like your whole red suit thing. I only have a few minutes to write you because my mom is calling me down for agility training, but she

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Winner, Winner! Three First Place Ribbons!

Being in the “championship” level is tough. I can’t make any mistakes anymore. I have to weave the poles perfectly from beginning to end, take all obstacles in order and clear the bars without knocking any over. You’d think this was a given, but in

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Yummy, Yummy Pumpkin for My Tummy

There are a number of things I love about fall. I love the cozy sweaters I get to wear. I love napping in mom’s bed under the covers. I love warming up by the fireplace. And now I really love pumpkin! My love for pumpkin

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Time Out: Agility Is On Hold

Tomorrow’s forecast: sunny with a chance of naps and indoor playtime. It has been so hot lately that I have not been able to practice my agility skills. I usually go see Jessica (my trainer) on Thursdays to get me ready for the weekend trials

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Home Depot Adventures

“Batteries! We need batteries!” When Mom says this, I know that means we are headed to our favorite store – Home Depot! It’s dog friendly, which means I get to be captain of the cart and lead the way. As I navigated, Mom pushed. We

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Jade Gabriel
This book is great for kids and adults alike. Children can learn about danger, trust, and friendship. I follow Max on Instagram, and it was great to be able to picture him as I read. A very enjoyable story!
Max’s Adventure is awesome!! Live this story!
Minh TrinhKindle
My nieces loved it. I enjoyed it as well. I kept wanting to find out what happened next. Very fun book to read. Hope there is a sequel.
I’m enjoying this book for myself. Haha. We gave it to a nephew and he really liked it too!