Date of Birth: May 23, 2010

Age: 8 years old

Breed: My DNA test shows that I have Chihuahua, Amstaf,¬†Australian Cattle Dog and a “Little Unknown”, but mom believes that “little unknown” is Dachshund

Height: 11.1

Weight: 24 pounds

Color: Cream

My Hometown: Morada, CA

My Favorite Tricks: High-fives, sitting pretty/sit up, rollover, kiss, pray. I’ll do anything for mom to give me a treat.

Favorite Memory Mom Has of Me: I once stopped midstream on a run during an important agility competition to stretch, roll over and get a belly rub.

My Favorite Places to Go: To the beach, walks on the levee and basically, anywhere that mom is, I love!

Fun Things You Should Know About Me: My best friend is a cat.
I absolutely hate the water. I have over 100 toys, but my favorite toys are the ones from my puppyhood.