adventures of one up max: Runic and the crystal cave

Max loves sitting by the back door watching everything that goes on.  But, this morning, a blinding light zooms across the yard. Then, he sees it, a strange looking critter.

Being a great watch-dog and the guardian of the yard, Max jumps into high gear after it.  When he’s just about to catch the critter, a young dragon, it jumps into a wavy air portal.  Hot on his trail, Max leaps right in after it

Zoomed to another world, Max encounters 10-foot vultures, groppers (super-long snakes with tiny arms and legs that crush their victims and razor-sharp teeth that tear into flesh), killing trees, quicksand, and other things that make him cringe.

His only hope of getting home in one piece is with the help of the creature that got him there.