Adventures of Max

My Favorite DIY Gifts for Your Pooch

The holidays are in full swing here at our house. In fact, my current favorite napping spot is right under the Christmas tree next to the packages (I’m hoping most have my name on them)! Mom always comes up with some winning gifts for me

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How To Make a Pup Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re like me, getting human-food is a special treat usually reserved for the holidays. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite because everything tastes better with gravy (am I right?!). And since I’m an only pup, Mom likes to spoil me rotten on Thanksgiving.  I

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My 10 Favorite Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

The little kids around the block love Halloween. I’ve already seen them sporting their costumes, getting ready for the big day. What’s not to love? Candy and costumes on one special day. While mom doesn’t let me near the candy bowl, we do get into

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5 Must-Do Dog Adventures

You might have a bucket list for yourself, but do you have one for your pup? My mom is the best adventure partner, so we put together a few ideas that you and your pup can enjoy together. 1. Take a Hike I love the

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My Top 5 Back-to-School Tips For Your Fur Kids

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that back-to-school is a little bittersweet for me. I lose my neighborhood playmates and (mostly welcomed) entertainment. After all, I’ve inherited a lot of tennis balls and pool toys over the summer (but if my mom asks, they

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Fourth of July Dog Safety Tips

For humans, the Fourth of July is the ultimate summer celebration. And I will admit, there are some things I really like about this mid-summer holiday. Okay, mostly just one thing I really like; FOOD. Something about Independence Day makes people want to eat and

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Jade Gabriel
This book is great for kids and adults alike. Children can learn about danger, trust, and friendship. I follow Max on Instagram, and it was great to be able to picture him as I read. A very enjoyable story!
Max’s Adventure is awesome!! Live this story!
Minh TrinhKindle
My nieces loved it. I enjoyed it as well. I kept wanting to find out what happened next. Very fun book to read. Hope there is a sequel.
I’m enjoying this book for myself. Haha. We gave it to a nephew and he really liked it too!