If you’re like me, getting human-food is a special treat usually reserved for the holidays. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite because everything tastes better with gravy (am I right?!). And since I’m an only pup, Mom likes to spoil me rotten on Thanksgiving. 

I hope you’re all spoiling your pets too. If you need some guidance, Mom and I put together a dog-friendly Thanksgiving menu. Dig in!

  1. Turkey
    White turkey, sans bones, is a delicious treat! It’s high in protein and the perfect main course for your pup. 
  2. Gravy
    Pup-friendly gravy is easy to make. Heat 1 cup of beef or turkey broth with 2 tablespoons of arrowroot powder and let it thicken on the stove. This is a much better choice for your pup than the store-bought or homemade gravy that our favorite humans eat.
  3. Butternut Squash
    Plain butternut squash is a great alternative to mashed potatoes for pups. Roast it in the oven, drizzle a little gravy on top and your dog will be in heaven!
  4. Apple Slices
    We’re getting all the food groups in here! Apple slices are a good fruit option for dogs and they’re sweet like a treat.
  5. Pumpkin
    Instead of pumpkin pie, scoop some canned pumpkin puree for a tasty dessert. 

There are a few Thanksgiving foods that are off-limits for dogs: 

  • Keep your pups away from dairy including butter, cream and milk. 
  • Spices and seasonings like garlic and onion powder should be avoided. 
  • Keep bones out of reach. They can be a choking danger. 
  • Sharing sweet treats should be avoided, especially those using xylitol since it is toxic for dogs.

If you’re hosting this year, remind your guests not to share their table scraps. Many people don’t realize that certain foods can cause indigestion and diarrhea in dogs.

Stick to the five safe foods above and your pup will have a delicious Thanksgiving meal! Follow me on Instagram, I’ll be sharing my favorite holiday treats. And don’t forget to share yours too with the hashtag #MAXkatears.

Ears Truly,

One Up Max