I like the potential a new year brings. It allows you to open your mind to new things. For mom, this means exercise and workouts. For me? Well, if it were up to me, we would be chowing on snacks and lounging on the patio all day. 

But I do feel great when mom and I log some trail miles or run along the beach. So, it got me thinking. If working out is fun, we’re all more likely to do it. That’s why I’ve put together this list of fun, pet-friendly workouts. These are great for bonding with your pup too!

1. Doga (aka Dog Yoga)

Never tried it? You’re missing out! This is like a mommy and me class for dogs and it’s super fun. It also involves treats at the end, so what’s not to like? The poses are pretty simple, so if you’re a beginner Yogi don’t feel intimidated. Dog Yoga is all about bonding with each other and having some fun.

2. Hiking

I’m not talking about grueling mountain hikes. I’m talking about leisure hiking on trails and in the woods. This is a great opportunity to enjoy nature. Squirrel chasing anyone? Hiking is a great stress-reliever for mom too. Plus, hiking new areas is always an adventure, especially in different seasons. Just get out there and explore!

3. Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is the perfect outdoor adventure for you and your human. If you’re feeling a little timid about the idea of jumping on, then take baby steps. Start in shallow water and always wear a lifejacket (yes, dogs need to wear them too!). Once you get more comfortable with each other on the board, you can explore for hours. The best part is if you get too hot, jump in and cool off!

4. Run, Walk or Rollerblade

Not everyone is a runner, but if you’ve got four feet, you can walk! Explore new neighborhoods or walk with your dog pals. When walking is fun you’ll want to make it a daily habit. Up for trying something new? Your human can rollerblade as you jog alongside her! Don’t let the weather spoil your routine. Most communities have indoor tracks, you just have to check if they are dog-friendly!

Let us know what your favorite workouts are with your human. Tag me with #MAXkatears on Instagram so we can see what you’re up to!

Ears Truly,
One Up Max