If you aren’t heading to a tropical destination this year for spring break, you’re not alone! Mom, Dad and I are staying put in Cali. But it’s all good. We have been so busy lately (with my pawdcast, if you haven’t heard!), that kicking back and relaxing at home and around town just seemed right.

Mom and I are pretty good at finding local adventures, so I thought I’d share some of our favorites for spring break:

  1. BBQ on the Patio
    While we spend a lot of time out on the patio during any given week, a dog-friendly BBQ is pretty special. Light some tiki torches, turn on some music and grill up some puppy friendly cuisine. Your pup will love it!

    If you’re one of my friends up in colder climates, you can still make this happen. Gather up some blankets, hats, and mittens and gather around the outdoor firepit. You can always enjoy your grilled cuisine indoors too!

  2. Dog Spa Date
    Spoil your pup with a visit to the groomer or pet spa. The most common request is a full-service bath, but you can ask for a shampoo, blow-dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning too! Mom and I love to do this at least once a year. She makes reservations for me at the pet spa and she makes reservations for herself at the human spa. We each enjoy some well-deserved pampering and relaxation and then reunite for a late lunch at one of our favorite spots. Talk about a perfect day!

    You can even bring the spa to you. Most cities have mobile pet spas, so if you prefer a day of puppy pampering in your home, try searching for a few options near you. Invite a dog pal over and make a party out of it!

  3. Plant Therapy at an Indoor Greenhouse
    Is there anything that feels more like spring than a greenhouse full of budding, fresh flowers and plants? I don’t think so. It’s a perfect place to take a relaxing stroll and help your human plan for their garden. Plus, if it’s cold where you are, a greenhouse is nice and warm so it will feel like you went south!

    Mom always lets me ride on the garden cart which means I have the best view of all the flowers! Just a note: It’s always best to check with the greenhouse first before bringing your pup along.

  4. Explore a New City
    Have you been out to explore lately? Take a little drive and try out a new park or trail, or just try sightseeing in a new city. It doesn’t need to be a big booming city. Sometimes small cities are the most charming and welcoming. Grab a bite to eat and spend the day finding adventure.

  5. Get Back to Nature
    If this spring break is all about relaxation, then being in nature sounds just perfect. Hike, bike or try a leisurely stroll along the beach or at a state park. I myself love it when mom goes for a bike ride and brings me along in the basket. Big dog friends, I’m sorry, you might be stuck using your four legs (mom’s bike basket only hold 20 pounds or so).

    Nature is always changing, so it’s fun to see how the seasons affect our surroundings! This is especially true for my friends up north who get to experience four distinct seasons (though I’m not really interested in that white stuff!).

  6. All Things Water
    Spend a day doing all the water activities. Walk around the lake, splash in the waves on the beach, chase sticks on the river, get dirty in the puddles, take a bath and end the day with a bowl of fresh agua.

    Okay, obviously, this one is not my cup of tea. Because let me be clear: I HATE water. But, I have several dog friends that love it, so I thought it was worthy of a bullet point.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing on spring break! Tag me with #MAX-ka-tears and show me what you’re up to! Maybe I’ll even pick one lucky winner to receive a One Up Max goody bag!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max