The little kids around the block love Halloween. I’ve already seen them sporting their costumes, getting ready for the big day. What’s not to love? Candy and costumes on one special day. While mom doesn’t let me near the candy bowl, we do get into the spirit with costumes! 

Speaking of costumes, I’m proud to say not much scares me. I’m not afraid of the neighbor boy dressed like a ghost. And the witch with fifteen warts on her face; well, I do not understand why you would dress up that way. I will admit I’ve been known to run from the neighbor on Halloween. But in my defense, she was dressed as Cruella De Vil that year. Can you blame me? I can’t even watch 101 Dalmatians unless mom is with me. That woman is evil! And her hair…well that’s a whole other blog topic…

Today I wanted to share my favorite Halloween costumes for your pup, because who doesn’t love a dog dressed up?! Here are my top 10 from Instagram!

1. Musician
It doesn’t get much cuter than a miniature Schnauzer with a miniature guitar, does it? @bowser_theschnauzer

2. Lion
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Bauer is the best looking lion we’ve seen! @bowwow_bauer_thegolden

3. Harry Potter
This is perfection. @life.of.nalle

4. Hershey Kisses
Who needs real candy on Halloween when you have these two chocolate kisses? @dogwatchfence

5. Beanie Baby
A classic! @cashythegoldendoodle

6. Elvis
Hunka hunka burning love. @kodiakthebulldog

7. Burrito
It’s a dogrrito! I just want to take a bite! @itsasmallterworld

8. Mail Dog
Who wouldn’t want their mail delivered by this cutie? @dogssparkjoy

9. Sumo Dog
Who’s ready to wrestle? @missidip

10. Blonde Bombshell
Blondes have more fun! @angel_and_bailey

Which one is your favorite? I would love to see your pup costumes! Use the hashtag #MAXkatears. And be on the lookout for my costume this year. I’ll be sharing on Instagram!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max