Fame and fortune (fortune meaning dog treats in my case) doesn’t come easy for most, and trust me, it was no walk in the dog park for me either! Can you believe my first photo on Facebook only had 2 likes?! Yikes! It’s safe to say I have come a long way and with this month being all about Social Petworking, I’m taking the time to thank all of my incredible fans (that’s you) for the constant support and love! Whether it’s wishing me luck at my agility trials, voting for me in my many contest efforts, or simply leaving comments on my photos, I’m one lucky rescue dog to have pawesome fans like YOU!

If you’re wondering who came up with this crazy pet holiday, Social Petworking Month, you’ll learn that it really isn’t all that crazy when you hear the inspiration behind it! AdoptAPet.com declared June Social Petworking Month to help save the lives of shelter pets everywhere and I’m getting involved by using my social media presence to spread the word and help other pets like me find their fur-ever homes!

It’s simple, all you have to do is head over to www.AdoptAPet.com, search for adoptable pets in your area, and choose one that fits in with your family! If you don’t have the capacity to give them a fur-ever home just yet, use the power of social media to share their info with your friends and family! Just think, if all of my followers share just the information of just ONE adoptable animal we can change the lives of over 30,000 shelter pets by increasing their chances of adoption! Tag me in the posts you share so I can give you a special social shout out! On behalf of the rescue pet community, I raise my chew stick to you and thank you a ton!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max

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