A wise dog once said, “Bow ties are like dog treats, you can never have just one!” And if you haven’t guessed already, that dapper dog is me! Burberry, polka dots, stripes oh my! My collection of bow ties keeps me looking super fly! (See what I did there?) While I love channeling my inner Bill Nye to impress all my lady friends, bold prints and patterns make expressing myself much easier, since after all, I am a little tongue-tied… Here are just a few of my favorite bow ties that keep me looking fashionable for any and all occasions:

My bow tie brings all the girls to the yard!bowtie1

Red, white, and dashing! bowtie2

Two bow ties are obviously better than one!  bowtie3

This green bow tie is SO fetch!


If you think bow ties are cool too, share your photos with me on Facebook or tag me in them on Instagram @OneUpMax! Remember, when in doubt, wear a bow tie! Stay classy my furiends!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max