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Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when I was, what mom likes to call a “wild child.” I tend to lean more toward “free spirit” but either way, she found something we could enjoy together that also let me burn some energy – agility!

For those of you who don’t know, agility is a sport made up of running, jumping, weaving, and perhaps most importantly, teamwork between Mom and I! With no prior dog training and a not-so-typical agility stature, many are surprised by my agility ability. The thing is though, it didn’t just happen over night; there are things I did to prepare myself at the beginning and things I still do now to make sure I am on the path to success every time. Want to know what those things are? I thought you might!

Here are some of my 1st place secrets to help you succeed at agility:

This sport is for the fast, and sometimes the furious. One of the best parts about agility is that I get to release all my pent up energy. But it’s not all fun and games – you have to be speedy and precise. (Pro tip: Fetch is the perfect at home game to build up stamina for upcoming competitions!)

Practice makes perfect. Like any other sport, practice helps you improve your a-game! Mom keeps me guessing with new obstacles in the backyard and special treats for when I perform really well!

Water is your new best friend. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drinking lots of water keeps my insides feeling healthy and also helps improve my stamina and speed on the course! Trust me, you’ll be “begging” for it after a long, hard, practice!

 Older pups preferred. Agility is a great way to tame a wild dog, but waiting until you are old enough is crucial. Protect your paws and limbs by waiting until you are at least a year old!

Teamwork makes the dream work. When dog and owner work together, success is bound to come! Having a good working relationship on and off the agility course will help you score a big “W” and lots of love!

Don’t be overwhelmed. While agility is a tough sport, you can definitely do it if you put your mind to it! Have any more questions? Ask me on Facebook!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max