You might have a bucket list for yourself, but do you have one for your pup? My mom is the best adventure partner, so we put together a few ideas that you and your pup can enjoy together.

1. Take a Hike

I love the idea of hiking with little agenda other than enjoying nature with your favorite canine partner. Don’t forget lunch for yourself and a few (the more the better!) snacks for your pup. Us pups can get dehydrated quickly, even in cool weather, so bring plenty of water! If hiking seems too physically demanding for either of you, pick a nice paved trail for a short walk. After all, we just want to spend time with you and enjoy some fresh air.

2. Dog Yoga

Pups and yoga, what’s not to love?! Mom and I like bonding through a nice morning yoga routine, and bonus; it usually ends with a special treat for me! Dog yoga is also a great way to meet friends, so go get your doga on! Namaste.

3. Grab a Paddle

Any paddle! Bring your pooch with you on a canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP). This one does require some teaching and training, but even dogs that don’t love water (ahem, me!) can get on board with a relaxing ride with their favorite human. Let me clarify; if I fall in the water on a SUP, mom is in big trouble!

4. Doggie Date

Make your pup feel special with a date for just the two of you. Hit the town, explore new sights, eat at a dog-friendly restaurant, stay at a dog-friendly hotel, the options are endless! Spending a whole day with your pup is a great bonding experience!  

5. Try Something New Together

This one is up to you! It doesn’t have to be over-the-top fancy, it just needs to be fun. Travel somewhere new, eat at a new restaurant, go shopping together or host a doggy birthday party. New experiences are fun for your pup too!

We want to see your adventures! Use the hashtag #MAXkatears so we don’t miss them. Or post them on my Facebook page. One lucky person that shares their doggy adventure will win a free copy of my mom’s book, The Adventures of One Up Max: Runic and the Crystal Cave.