I love summer and all (well, most) of the things that come with it like the flowers, the sunshine and the ice-cold treats – those are especially brr-fect! But like many other dogs, I HATE water. So much so, in fact, I even try to skip bath time as much as possible. While Mom and Dad are totally understanding about this, they’ve had to find creative ways to keep me cool during the summer. If you’re a pooch that hates the water too, you’ll definitely want to take note of these tricks for chilling out this summer:



Ice Cube CakeThis fun, refreshingly delicious cake provides hours of entertainment when Mom is catching some rays by the pool. She finds me a shaded spot where I can enjoy the summer views and I go to town on this thing!



Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.23.55 PM


Dog Cooling MatWhen the clock strikes noon it can be difficult to find shaded areas in our backyard. We haven’t given this cooling mat a try just yet but by the looks of it, this will be the pawfect spot for me to, literally, ‘chill out’ this summer.



Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.20.36 PM


Outdoor Shaded Pet Beds – My loyal followers may remember that awesome new indoor Raised Dog bed I got from my friends over at New Age Pet last month. The comfort can continue outdoors with their BRAND NEW Malibu Patio Pet Bed. Dude, it’s like a lounge chair for pups! I’m hoping I can get my paws on one of these so I can enjoy the outdoor temps under the shade of my own personal canopy.




Stay Hydrated – This one might be self-explanatory but staying hydrated is so important! Humans, keep those water bowls filled and make sure you are monitoring your furry friends’ water intake. You can even get your hands on a refillable water bowl online or at your local Petco!





Can-You-Over-Brush-Your-DogProper Grooming –While many smart pet doctors say shaving your pet’s fur won’t make them any cooler, keeping our fur properly groomed will! Break out the brush a little more than usual to make sure our undercoat (our natural cooling system) doesn’t get matted.





How do you stay cool in the heat of the summer? Share your tips with me on Facebook or tag me in your summer photos on Instagram.

Ears Truly,

One Up Max