Traveling with your pups over spring break? Don’t forget to pack a bag for your four-legged friends! I’m sharing my essentials for vacay below:

  1. Dry Shampoo
    After a day at the beach, my fur just isn’t as shiny and smooth. You know the feeling. Oh…you humans thought you were the only ones that need to freshen up between baths? That salt and sand just doesn’t bode well for a handsome hairdo. Dry dog shampoo keeps me so fresh and so clean.
  2. Frisbee
    You can’t go to the beach without a frisbee. You. Just. Can’t. It’s the ultimate beach toy, and I know mom has as much fun as me. When you come home from spring break, store it in the car for impromptu frisbee dates with your pup.
  3. Coconut Water
    A sweet treat on the beach or at the pool, plus it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes; perfect for staving off dehydration. I like mine served in a coconut with one of those squiggle straws like mom.
  4. Shades
    Shades, sunnies, doggles; whatever you like to call them, I love a good pair of sunglasses on a sunny day. They’re a must-have for spring break. The best part is shopping for them; mom has a good sense of style and helps me pick out the right pair to match my swim trunks.
  5. YouTube
    My favorite way to pass time when I’m stuck in one spot is sleeping. My second favorite? Watching funny dog videos on YouTube. It’s the perfect activity for a road trip or flight. Just make sure you bring headphones because the woman behind you will inevitably be a nonstop talker (and usually a few decibels too loud).
  6. A Life Jacket
    I’ve spent my fair share of hot summer days in the swimming pool. Yep, you guessed it; I’m best at the doggy paddle. But if you plan to spend some time on the water over spring break, a dog life jacket is a must. Even for the most seasoned dog swimmers, and especially if you’ll be in or on the ocean. Ocean waves are unpredictable so for safety, please buckle up those dog jackets!
  7. Something from Home
    I love to vacation as much as the next dog, but when I cuddle up at night in a new place it’s comforting to have something from home. For me, it’s my favorite blanket; a little ragged and a little worn, but mom makes sure it’s with me whenever we travel.

I love traveling with mom and dad, but at the end of vacation I’m ready to click my heels together and head back because there really is no place like home. I want to hear from you Max-ka-tears! What are your spring break essentials? Tag us in your vacay photo on Instagram @oneupmax.

Ears Truly,
One Up Max