Dear Two-Legged Human Friends,

When Mom and I met back in 2011, she wasn’t looking for someone to love, but when she found me, she found so much love that she just couldn’t keep me to herself. That’s what she tells me anyway!

She took me to my new house where I met Buddy and Coco. Because they are cats and I wasn’t quite sure that I would like cats or if cats would like me, I was nervous. Then the best thing happened! After a while, they accepted me as one of their own and we all became best friends.

From day one, Mom couldn’t resist sticking this thing in my face. She’d follow me around as it went click and this bright flash would blind me. That was Ruff! I’d hear her tell her friends, “Look at this cute photo I took of Max earlier…” They would all smile when they saw it and that made me feel good, but I still had no idea what that thing was!!??!

The other day I was laying on the couch with my favorite toy, the drool was starting to puddle up on the cushion and I heard her talking to someone about something I had done a few days back. She was going to put one of my adventures in a BOOK? WHAT? I cocked my head up and listened with my one ear up and one ear down. My mind was going so quickly, “What? How? Why? Who would have told her that?!” My little heart started pacing, and I just wanted to run and hide. All this time I thought Mom had no idea about ANY of my secret adventures, yet here I was listening to her describe what I had done and the places I had been. As I sat there, my hair standing up, stretching my one ear to hear more, I wondered who could have told her about… WAIT A SECOND….



I jumped up and ran off to find fur-ball one and two. All of a sudden, I understood. They always walked around so quietly and watched me. They were spies and I knew it all along! I had been blinded by their friendship and all of our fun. Ruff. I couldn’t believe it and I wasn’t going to just let it go either!

I found them, laying out in the sun that was coming in the living room window.

They perked their heads up and stared at me with their bright eyes as if they knew what I was there about. I stood firm and as tall as I could and told them that I knew all about that book of my quests that Mom was talking about to someone on the phone. But only me, Buddy and Coco knew about my adventures and if only us three knew about it and I didn’t tell her, it had to be one of them! They flicked their tails at me and I knew I wasn’t getting any answers out of them!

But I guess the cat’s outta the bag! Mom wrote a book about me from information she got from spies and I guess it’s about a quest my best friend, who’s a dragon and I had been on!
She said it will be coming out soon and smiled a lot as she talked about it!

I have to admit, it does sound pretty cool. Maybe the cats are okay after all? And maybe it’s okay that Mom knows I’m no ordinary dog?

Ears Truly,

One Up Max