A dog treat a day keeps the doctor away – or at least that’s what Mom and I say!

Honestly, I love trips to the vet! I love the car ride with Mom, the puppuccino I get on the way there and the extra hugs and snuggles I get from my favorite vet techs! Who doesn’t love an annual check-up and a clean bill of health?

October is Pet Wellness Month, and although we’re reaching the end of the month, I’m here to tell you a little bit about how my vet keeps me healthy and on track.

As an agility dog, it’s always a good idea to make sure all the bells and whistles are performing up to speed… literally! First, the vet checks my temperature and examines my fur for grease and flakes before moving on to my mouth and tummy! Those two never have any issues – I pride myself on my pearly whites and lean stomach (all of those extra workouts and teeth cleaning treats are definitely doing their trick). Finally, we get to my favorite part – the ears! The vet always takes a couple extra seconds to inspect them for infections, never forgetting to tell me how cute they are!

After a head-to-toe examination, doc and I go back for my toenail clipping! A few quick snips and I feel like new man… err dog! After the doc gives us the ‘all clear,’ we say our goodbyes and head home for a healthy dinner!

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Ears Truly,

One Up Max