I don’t know much about time, but I do know that when the sun shines through the front window ever so perfectly and I hea14585841_10210506178875471_791033673_or
the sweet sound of Dad taking my favorite leash off the hook – it’s time for a walk! What’s even better is that fall is finally here, which means the weather is just right for Dad and I to take in all the beautiful new sites and wonderful autumn smells on our neighborhood adventure!

Our first destination is always a quick stop to see one of my BFF’s, Sampson. He’s a dapple colored Chihuahua with TONS of energy, just like me, which makes us the perfect match! After a quick sniff and a tail wag through the fence, Dad and I say “goodbye” to Sampson and are on our way down the road.

As we make our way down the street, taking in the smells of the fresh fall blooms, I’m always excited to see who we bump into. Whether it be Dude the Doodle or Talullah the Chihuahua, I’m always happy! One thing I know for sure is the further we get on 14550884_10210506178635465_60720203_oour walk, the closer we get to my favorite destination – the foster kitten house! Mom and Dad love foster kittens as much as I do, which means I get to spend a couple extra minutes saying hello and goodbye to each one! I mean, really, who doesn’t love foster kittens?

In the distance, I can see we’ve finally made it to the Levee for complete doggie freedom! Dad removes my leash and I’m off faster than you can say, “fall” with the wind against my fur. It’s here that we usually play games like chase and fetch and roll around in the leaves before making our way back home to snuggle up on the couch in front of the fire and warm up with Mom.

That’s it for the virtual walk with Dad and me!


Until next time,

One Up Max