Us dogs have wet noses, furry paws and waggable tails, but there’s something that humans have that we do not – opposable thumbs. Think about all the things dogs could do if only we had opposable thumbs! We could play fetch and throw the ball for ourselves, get ourselves food and water and even text our owners.

March 3 is If Pets Had Thumbs Day and all pets and owners can get creative to imagine all the things their pets would do if they had thumbs. While having opposable thumbs would come with many practical uses, I can think of many ways that I would use my thumbs for fun:

Taking selfies

I would not need my Mom to take all my pictures; I could hold the phone or camera and do it myself!

Thumb wrestling

I would use my thumbs for a day to play something other than fetch. Mom and I could thumb wrestle for hours.


I wish I could widdle my thumbs to knit myself some new clothes and costumes so I wouldn’t have to wait for Mom to get me new ones. You guys know how much I love to dress up, after all.


That’s right, I would use those thumbs to swipe left and right! My soul mate could be waiting for me on Tinder and I would never know without thumbs.

Even though us pets don’t actually have thumbs, there’s nothing wrong with pretending for a day. Let me know what your pets would do if they had thumbs by sharing your ideas with me on Facebook or tagging me in their photos on Instagram!


Ears Truly,


One Up Max