If you know me, you know that I’m a proud mutt, but recently Mom, Dad, and I began to wonder what really makes me, me. Mom thinks WP2
I’m part Chihuahua, and I hear that from other people too, but the more we talk, the more curious I become about where my other features, like my asymmetrical ears, come from.

After lots of discussion, Mom decided it was finally time to see what we can learn about my ancestry. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I think it has something to do with my real fur-parents. After doing some research, Mom found this thing called Wisdom Panel. Their team has helped tons of mixed-b
reed dogs like me learn about their genetic make-up with their easy to use, at-home, canine DNA tests. We knew this kit was exactly what we were looking for, so we placed our order right away

A few days later, the mailman finally showed up with the package I had been waiting for. Inside, was a small kit containing two sticks with fluffy tips. Mom made me sit very still while she tickled the inside of my cheek with them. Who knew my DNA had been sitting in there this whole time? After letting the sticks dry, we packed them up and sent them away to the scientists at Wisdom Panel. In just a few weeks, we will have the results of my test, but the anticipation is killing me!

We should find out about my DNA just in time for National DNA Day on April 25th. The best part is, Wisdom Panel is giving us one more kit to give away to one of my Instagram followers once we receive my results! I’ll try and kee
p it secret long enough for you guys to take some guesses about the two largeWP3st breeds other than Chihuahua that make up the majority of my DNA, and the winner will receive their very own Wisdom Panel DNA test to learn more about their genetic makeup! Cool, right?

Stay tuned for the contest and wish me luck

Ears truly,

One Up Max