Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day, so it’s only fitting that I tell you about my newest friend and current foster sister, Tuesday.

One day while we were on a walk, we spotted this stray dog that looked like she was hurt. We rushed her to my veterinarian and he did emergency surgery on her because she had a “prolapse.” I don’t know what that means, but the vet told my mom she would be ok, so I’m happy!

That Tuesday, Mom and Dad gave her the gift of life, just like they did for me when they found me on the street! We thought it would be fun to ask my fans online for name suggestions because mom said we are going to keep her until she finds her fur-ever home. A fan came up with the perfect name. We now call her Tuesday, so I also decided it’s my favorite day of the week!
Change a Pet’s Life Day is all about animal adoption. If you love pets and want another one, adopt or rescue! My mom rescued me and Tuesday from the streets and, without hesitation, gave us lots of love and care. You can change a pet’s life too!

If you have changed a pet’s life, tell me about it on social media @OneUpMax!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max