Dear Santa Paws,

Remember me, One Up Max? The dapper dog that has one ear that stands straight up? I knew you wouldn’t forget! From helping companies promote their products, to winning some of my agility trails, it’s safe to say it has been quite a busy and successful year! And guess what, Santa? I made sure to still make time to play nice with my cat bros and help the local shelters in my area! I’m pretty sure that earns me a spot on that nice list of yours, right?

I’ve been keeping track of all the cool things I see when Mom and I take trips to the pet store! She always gives me a little extra time to sniff out the best products to add to my wish list and I think I’ve found the just the right ones. So here it goes Santa! Here’s my list of treats, toys, and apparel… sure to get any dog’s tail wagging! I know this because mine is going crazy just thinking about them.

PetSafe BoltAh ha! That’s where the red dot hides. Not only will I love seeing this under the tree, but I’m sure it will have my cat siblings purring as well!

Pet Tunes by Pet AcousticsMusic is therapy to my ears and with this cool little device, I’ll have tons of dog-approved tracks right at my paw tips to help keep me calm, cool and collected! Especially when I get a little rowdy after Mom returns from a long day at work…

iFetchA hyper pup like me can never have too many fetch toys! Hours of fun without tiring Mom and Dad’s arms out!

Aria Canine Royale BowtieBow ties are kind of my signature thing… These red sequins will be perfect for all of my New Year’s Eve festivities!

Pet Teepee It seems like every time I find a new signature nap spot, my feline friends claim it as their own! Hopefully this can be a stylish sanctuary for me to hide away in!

HuggleHounds Holiday CookieI’ll make sure to leave out some cookies on Christmas Eve if you stash these bad boys under the tree…

Nylabone Holiday Healthy EdiblesAfter all that holiday snacking I think I’ll need these to shave off the extra pounds!

Can’t forget about my shelter pals…

Thermo-Pet Mat – It’s no secret there are plenty of pets spending their holidays waiting for their fur-ever home! Maybe you could drop a couple of these off at the local shelters so they can stay warm and cozy this Christmas!

Well, there it is Mr. Claus! I hope you can find room in that big red bag of yours for all the pets in need this holiday season! Merry Christmas!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max