For humans, the Fourth of July is the ultimate summer celebration. And I will admit, there are some things I really like about this mid-summer holiday. Okay, mostly just one thing I really like; FOOD. Something about Independence Day makes people want to eat and indulge. And I won’t even get started about the lengths humans go for red, white and blue flag desserts.

The Fourth for us furry friends can also be nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing. It’s pretty easy to spot the signs when your pup is uncomfortable and scared. Keep an eye out for these signs, but also take steps before your holiday shenanigans to ensure your pup feels safe. I’m sharing a few safety tips to keep in mind: 

  1. Update or secure identification tags for your pup
    More dogs go missing over the Independence Day holiday than any other day of the year. Updating tags or getting your dog microchipped is always important, but especially during this time of year. Even the most loyal pup can wander when scared.
  2. Keep pups indoors, especially during parties and fireworks
    It’s always best to keep your furry friends inside during festivities, especially fireworks, where the loud noises can cause major stress to your dog. The constant booms and crackles can cause any dog to take off, and it will be tough to search in the dark. Inside is the safest place for your pup! 
  3. Create a calming environment
    Draw us a bath and light an aromatherapy candle and we should be set. Kidding! Sort of. But please consider what might help your pup feel less anxious; A comfy spot under the bed, a new toy, or a frozen treat to keep them busy. Keep the loud noises and bright flashes outside to a minimum by closing windows and curtains.
  4. Distractions can be helpful if your pup is sensitive to noise
    A favorite T.V. show or relaxing music might be a helpful distraction to cover up some of the loud noises. If you are still concerned about your pup’s anxiety, consider talking to a vet about medication to help calm the nerves.
  5. Keep your dog cool and hydrated
    The hot weather can be tough on pups as well, so ensure your pups have access to cool water all day. If your dog enjoys the water (not me because #Ihatewater), a wading pool or spray from the sprinkler can help too. Make sure your pup is able to get inside to cooler temperatures for breaks throughout the day.
  6. Watch out for unsafe decorations
    We are curious by nature. Isn’t that one of the things you love about us?! Fireworks, glow sticks and other decorations for the Fourth can be dangerous and need to be kept away and picked up. We love to be part of the action, but it’s your job to keep us safe!

Follow these simple safety tips and your patriotic pup will be safe and sound for the holiday! We would love to see how you’re spending the Fourth of July. Use the hashtag #MAXkatears on social media.

P.S. Save me a piece of your red, white and blue flag cake!

Ears Truly, One Up Max