Only THREE more days until the best day of the year, my birthday! My birthdays in the past have been so great because Mom, Dad, and my cat siblings always make sure I feel extra loved on my special day. Mom lets me play outside a little longer and always gets me new toys. Dad sneaks me extra treats, and my cat siblings don’t get nearly as mad when they catch me in their favorite spots. They cut me a break, you know?

But with so many great birthdays in the past, I’m having a hard time thinking of something creative to do this year! Have any ideas? Head over to my Facebook or Instagram and leave your comments on my birthday photo. I might just pick one of them and share a photo of me celebrating just like that!

My biggest birthday wish though, is to be the winner of the Star Dog contest that Modern Dog Magazine is running! The winner gets their own special spread in an upcoming issue and how cool would it be to see me and my one up ear featured on a couple pages? The best part is you can head to the website every 12 hours to vote for me. It’s the birthday gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks friends! Stay tuned for updates on how I spent my birthday this year!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max