It was July 5, 2011 when what I thought was my permanent family, realized that their next journey in life couldn’t include me. After a door-to-door search, my owners found a kind couple that agreed to take me under their wing for the time being. Calling family members and friends, they began their hunt to find me a new home. Several days passed and when a potential new owner failed to show up, I could tell in my foster parents’ eyes that they were secretly pleased! In that moment, I knew that I had found my new furever home and I wasn’t going anywhere.

We run, we jump, we play, and we have so many good times. I don’t know if they knew what they were getting into, but I’m pretty sure my new family loves having all the extra energy around. From daily car rides with Mom and late night snacks with Dad, I know I’ve met my soul-humans. They took a chance on love and we are all in agreement that there is no turning back now!

This past month, tons of families celebrated Adopt A Homeless Pet Month by choosing adoption. As an advocate for this life-changing decision, I love sharing my success story with the hope that you too will choose adoption! Being rescued didn’t just provide me with a full stomach and a warm bed to cuddle in each night; it showed me that true love does actually exist and I found it with my family! I wouldn’t trade all the bones on earth for the love I receive daily from Mom, Dad, and even my cat-bros!

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Ears Truly,

One Up Max