Forget about human only parties and bring on the pups! The best part is, you don’t need a reason to host your pup a party. It can be for fun, for a birthday or just because us dogs deserve it. Gather the neighborhood crew or your best puppy pals and party like an animal! I’ve listed my favorite tips for a successful puppy party below.

1.Treats that make you wag your tail
We all know a good trick will earn a treat, but for a puppy party, take it a little further. Make pup cups or cupcakes, or consider a treat tower for the dogs to devour. There are tons of great recipes online, or consider a quick google search for a special baker in your area.

For a little treat inspiration, head over to Play Bark Run for some of the cutest dog friendly cakes and treats. Bonus, some of the recipes are human-friendly too. I can just picture the photo op; sharing a piece of cake with your pup!

2. Doggy decorations
This isn’t your typical party, with Disney decorations strung from the mantle and the light fixture and basically everywhere you look. Oh no, this is dog decor. Tennis balls, frisbees and dog bones can be the base of your decorations and double for puppy party favors too! Consider letting your dog in on the decorating. Fun tip: use washable paint on your dog’s paws and create paw prints on the windows! Keep it classy, because the pups will be focused on the food and the fun, not the decorations!

3. What do you wear to a dog party?
Bow ties and party hats of course! Encourage your furry friends to dress up. If they have an accessory or outfit they don’t mind sporting, go for it. But please don’t force your pup into something that makes them uncomfortable! Puppy party hats are a must and great for a photo op too! In fact, make sure you have enough for the humans and the pups, so everyone can be included.

4. Keep it fun
Your party will fizzle without the right games and activities to keep everyone busy. If you’re inviting kids, set up a puppy or animal adoption center with stuffed animals and adoption certificates. If the weather cooperates, relay races, tricks and dog stunts are perfect activities that involve everyone. Or, leash your furry friends and take a group walk!

Keep in mind, this party is all about fun. Ditch the stress, and make it as simple or as complicated and you like. And please tag us in your puppy party pics, #MAXkatears!

P.S – this is the perfect opportunity to meet the neighbors and make new friends – both humans and dogs alike!