Dear Santa Paws,

Hi. It’s me, Max! Friends call me One Up Max. Its sort of my staple, like your whole red suit thing. I only have a few minutes to write you because my mom is calling me down for agility training, but she can wait. This is more important! I’ve been thinking about what to ask you for, for twelve whole months now!

I’m happy to report that I’ve been on my best behavior this year, or at least I’ve tried to be! I’ve made friends with the neighborhood cat and am helping mom with our new foster dog! I did chase a few squirrels, but it’s good for their exercise, right? And I’ve also been known to try to rile up Shredder, one of the house cats, but really I’m just spreading the cheer. Can’t help it, you know? Anyway, I really hope you can find a spot for me on that nice list of yours!

After months of sniffing and digging around, I think I’ve narrowed down my top choices for Christmas gifts this year. I hope you don’t mind that I added one extra gift that I think my friends would love too!


  1. ChuckitPro!

After a good agility practice, mom lets me play a fun game of fetch. The ChuckIt Pro would help her throw it further, so I can run farther and burn off more energy. For that, I think she would agree that this one is a good choice!

  1. BarkBox

These cool doggy packs are loaded with tons of surprises each month and can be customized just for me! If I like the first one, Mom might even get me a monthly subscription so I can share with our foster dog and my friends!

  1. Everlasting Treat Ball

A treat ball that I can’t destroy? Score! This treat ball is basically indestructible, which would save Mom from cleaning up my messes later! Double score!

  1. Klimb

I love the two Klimbs I already have, but with more I can build playgrounds or even a pyramid to help me during agility practice!

  1. Top Paw Pet Holiday “My Ugly X-mas Sweater” Dog Sweater

I’m sure the West Coast is nothing compared to the North Pole, but it can still get pretty cold at times. This Christmas sweater is just what I need to stay warm and stylish during the holidays. 

  1. Blueberry Pet Holiday Collar

Casual by day, fancy by night! I would love this festive collar so I can be dressed up for all those parties I’ll be attending to ring in the New Year!

  1. Cloud Star Holiday Treats

I love treats and these tasty, all natural ones would help make sure Dad doesn’t get in trouble when he sneaks me extras while Mom isn’t looking!

  1. Agility Pack

This 7-piece agility kit would be great to give to one of my friends. I really love agility and I think my friends could love it just as much as I do with the proper equipment pack to help them get started!

I hope I’m not asking for too much, Santa Paws. I know you have lots of dogs to tend to so maybe if you can’t leave all of these under my tree, you could give them to some of the shelter dogs that don’t have a loving, forever home this holiday season? I’m sure they would appreciate them just as much as I would!

Also, don’t worry, I’ll make sure the cookies and carrots are out in time for your arrival.

Happy Howlidays, Santa Paws!

One Up Max