As I was looking at my OneUpMax calendar this morning, mom pointed out what a special day it is for my cat siblings! Today is Respect Your Cat Day, and for those of you who don’t know how to do that, I’m here to teach you a thing or two about respecting cats.

Its been said before that cats and dogs don’t usually see eye to eye, but I can tell you from experience that it is possible, and with my short stature I mean that literally and figuratively! I have FIVE feline siblings, so while it can get a bit crazy at times, it basically means I’m a pro at understanding the cat species. So, what better day than today to help my fellow Fidos get along better with the cats?IMG_2031

The first and simplest way to get on a cat’s good side is minding their space. My cat’s love to relax and take naps during the day and usually don’t want to be bothered during naptime. After the 10th nose bop, I think I have a pretty good idea about which times are the wrong times to bother them. Naptime is definitely one of those times. My cats have many special spots around the house too, which are off limits to me! You know that saying, “mi casa es tu casa?” Yeah, that doesn’t apply here.

My cats also feel extra respected and loved when I gift them with something special. Mom and I get to take trips to the pet store and I always feel bad that the cats can’t tag along on our adventure… ok, maybe not always, but sometimes. To show them some love, I try to make sure to bring them home a special treat.

Speaking of treats, it’s a really special treat when my cats want to play; Probably because they don’t 95% of the time. But when they do, we generally decide on hide-n-go-seek. Even though I’m usually always the seeker, I look forward to the times they skip out on naptime to play with me.

Anyway, I hope my cat-expertise gave you a couple of ideas on how to better respect your cats. They’re creatures of habit, so just pay attention and you should be able to figure out what they do and do not like.

Ears Truly,

P.S: If you have a feline friend that you love and respect, share your photos with me on Facebook or tag me in your #RespectYourCatDay photos on Instagram!