This month boasts one of my favorite dog days – National Mutt Day! Being a mutt makes me a very proud dog. I don’t only get to identify with one breed; I identify with a variety of breeds, all of which work together to make me, me! Mom always says the more breeds, the more to love, and I agree! Being a mutt means I possess multiple pawesome personality traits from all different kinds of dogs, which basically means I make life more interesting for Mom and Dad!

Being a mutt also makes making friends a whole lot easier since I can relate to a number of different traits. Need a friend who likes to chase squirrels with you? I’m your dog. Need a friend with little legs who can fit in small places for hide-and-go-seek? I’m your dog. Need a friend who can still do cool “big dog” things like agility trials? Again, I am your dog! See what I mean about being a mutt is cool?

The sad truth is, there are tons of mutts still waiting for their fur-ever families in shelters across the country; 75% of the shelter population to be exact. National Mutt Day is July 31st and how great would it be if my 40,000+ fans each rescued one of the many mutts that are waiting to be accepted for who they really are? I can tell you how great it would be – it would be SO GREAT! Mutts have a lot to offer, trust me. Somewhere out there is a mutt made up of all the breeds you love most just waiting to join your family!

If you adopt a mutt this year or have one in your family already, share your photos with me on Facebook or tag me in them on Instagram! I’d love to see all the other muttastic pups out there so I can personally say Happy National Mutt Day, friends!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max