Practice makes perfect, which is why Mom and I are always looking for new training techniques. After doing some research we decided to give the RopriPet Active Dog Training collar a try! I’m full of energy 95% of the day, and at times it can be hard for me to understand Mom’s verbal ques. This cool new collar will help Mom and I communicate better and here’s how:

FullSizeRender copyThe RopriPet collar is used for my safety and well being first and foremost. For example, we use the collar during off leash walks and hikes! The excitement of going on an afternoon adventure with mom gets the bet of me sometimes, so Mom is using the collar to teach me that running outside the fence without her, could result in me getting hurt or lost. Mom and I are working on our communication skills during the walks as well. She calls it “canine conditioning” and while I don’t exactly know what that means, I do know that she is teaching me to stay by her side and not chase after every squirrel or bunny I see – and trust me, that’s hard work!

This conditioning will help me in my agility practice as well. As the RopriPet collar helps Mom and I communicate better off the course, it will surely help us on the course, too! And since agility is one of my favorite things, I have to be the best I can be!

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Ears truly,

One Up Max

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