ScScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 1.50.26 PMhool’s out for summer, which means heading to work with Mom for Take Your Dog to Work Day sadly isn’t an option for me. On the bright side, Mom takes me to work plenty of times throughout the school year, so I’m just the dog to talk to when you’re considering taking your furry friend to work this Friday! Tag along as I show you what it really means to be the teacher’s pet… literally!

There’s one guarantee when Mom takes me to the classroom – the kids and I have a blast! Whether I’m lending a paw for their math lessons or letting them read their favorite books to me, we have so much fun learning and laughing together! Our morning activities include saying the Pledge of Allegiance, practicing our handwriting (bet you can guess how good I am at cursive…) and creating max-sterpieces that Mrs. Mom can hang in the hallway. We have so much fun that I almost forget about the best part of the day… RECESS!

Did you know that the elementary school has a whole closet filled with bouncy balls? Can you say F-U-N?! We play games like tag, football and sometimes Mom lets me show off some of my agility tricks to my new friends on the playground. We usually play for a while before heading inside where the kiddos make their way to the cafeteria and Mom and I go back to the classroom. After a quick bite, I sneak under Mom’s desk for a snooze while the kids get settled after returning from lunch. Having all this fun sure does tire me out!

Once I wake from my beauty rest, I help Mom pass out papers and sit by her feet while she gives the kids their homework assignments. I can tell the kids had just as much fun as did because they all rush to give me hugs and kisses before grabbing their backpacks to head home. While I’m sure going to work with your pet parents is fun no matter the job, I know fur-sure that having a Mom who is a teacher is an added bonus. Not only do I get to spend time with her all day, I also get to play with tons of little boys and girls who I can now call my best fur-iends!

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Ears Truly,

One Up Max