The summer season is upon us, which means long days and warm nights and what do you get when you put those two awesome things together? More play time in the daytime! Score! With the extra hours of daylight, I have tons of time to fit in all of my favorite summer activities and I’m excited to start packing my days full of them!

It may be hot, but I love spending as much time outdoors as I can. Whether I’m chasing the squirrels, running agility courses, or just playing fetch with Dad, I make sure to soak up as much sun as I can each and every day! When I’m not working up a sweat outdoors, you can catch me in my favorite sunny spots around the house taking what my feline friends like to call, a “cat nap!” After my short siestas I generally head back outside to run the fence line a few more times before dinner. My Mom calls it “burning energy.” I call it “fun on the fence line.” Duh.

I’m not a fan of getting in the water. So, while most of my friends are excited to take a dip in the pool or a brisk run through the sprinklers this summer, I’ll be staying clear of those wet activities so I can avoid putting a damper on my summer fun. Instead, I’ll be staying cool indoors with one of the sweet treats Mom gives me to “chill out!” Two paws up for PUPSICLES!

And did I mention I love summer scenery? From sunsets and cotton candy-filled skies to sunflowers and greenery, I sure am one lucky dog to be able to experience this sun-filled season! And guess what? You are too! Don’t forget to #GetOutdoors this summer and tag me in your photos @OneUpMax when you do!

Ears truly,

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