Summer is here and temps are getting hot hot hot! Mom and I were outside enjoying a pup cup the other day (actually, she had a cocktail, I had the pup cup) and it got me to thinking about the best ways to keep cool in the heat. Here are my favorite tips:

  1. Homemade Pup Cups For the Win
    Pup cups don’t have to be just for the drive-thru! They’re the perfect summer treat for hot summer days and your owner can make many ahead of time to store in the freezer. We love this recipe because it’s three easy ingredients and it can be poured into ice cube trays or those cute paw molds like the blogger suggests. 
  2. Puppy Pool Party – Perfect!
    Remember those little plastic wading pools your toddlers used to scoot around in when they were barely old enough to walk? Trixie and Pancho love the wading pool, but remember #IHateWater! For your water lovers, fill it with cold water, a couple of dog toys, and you have the perfect hot summer activity. You can pick up a plastic wading pool at many large retailers. If you don’t have space for a pool party, head down to a local beach and let your pup take a dip! All we ask is that you share photos of your pool pup with us! Just tag us with #MAXkatears!
  3. The Sprinkler Just Became A New Favorite
    Want to add some more fun to your backyard pool party? Turn on that sprinkler and let ‘em run! One of my favorites is when mom puts the mist setting on the hose nozzle and lets me stand in front of it; the perfect cool down. 
  4. Frozen Water Bottles
    If your pup is feeling warm, try freezing a couple of water bottles and stash them in the kennel or on his/her bed. Ice packs work well for this too! The best part? When they turn to liquid, just freeze again!  
  5. Frozen Treats
    Let’s be real here; most pups aren’t too picky. A little love, a little treat, and our buckets are filled for the day. On hot days, ice cubes are a perfect addition to cold water, but we have some other goodies in mind too! Check out this great list Buzzfeed put together!
  6. Cool Down with a Cool Pet Bed
    If treats and pools aren’t your pup’s thing, then this might be the answer. Cool pet beds are like waterbeds for dogs! You can find them at almost any pet store or online. It’s the store bought version of our DIY frozen water bottle trick!

Even with these fun tricks to keep your pup cool, we should still have a nice comfortable place in the shade or inside to rest and recharge after playing in the sun. If you’re hot, we probably are too! Remember to tag your pup this summer with #MAXkatears!

Ears Truly, One Up Max