FullSizeRender[8]I get excited when I see packages on the porch after running errands with mom. After all, they do come from one of my favorite people – the mailman! The other day we came home to a large box on the porch and this package was even better because it was for me!

We opened the box to find two platforms inside. They’re called The Klimb and I know exactly why! Mom pulled them out, quickly and easily set one up and I took no time at all to “Klimb” right on top of it. I’m a little height challenged, so naturally I like to get up high.

They are lightweight and easy to move, which was good for Mom because her back has been hurting lately. It’s also good for me, because I can use them inside for obedience training and outside for agility practice.

Since I do agility, I work with tables a lot. I now use The Klimb to practice for my AKC and CPE trials. In AKC trial practice, I use it as a “pause table,” where I have to pause for five seconds in the middle of my “run as fast as you can” obstacle course. Sometimes it’s hard, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. In CPE trial practice, I use it as the end point in many of the game courses, where I get to pose for everyone. You can also connect them to make stairs. I like when they are connected because I can Klimb even higher! It’s pretty versatile, if you haven’t caught on. FullSizeRender[15]

In the house we use it for basic obedience. Mom teaches me not to jump on guests when I’m excited to see them (not that I could get very high with my short legs anyway) and to sit in my place when I’m told to do so. I must be getting pretty good at those, because she is starting to teach me a few tricks on The Klimb too! My inside cat friends keep trying to get up there, but I politely let them know it’s mine.

A couple of my friends came over and saw it, and now they want some too. I think I just started a new trend.

More adventures later!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max