This year, I’m thankful for spending another holiday season with my Mom, getting to play outdoors and all the yummy human food that will be served on Thanksgiving. Spending time with friends and family is on the top of Mom’s priority list during the holidays, but keeping me safe is just as important to her. With a few of these simple tips and tricks, I’ll stay safe and sound this holiday season:

Sweets are not dog treats

Chocolates and any desserts containing xylitol are huge no-nos for dogs. Your guests may enjoy the sweets but stick to small bits of turkey and mashed potatoes for your furry friends. YUM!

Give your dog their own space

Sometimes all the holiday festivities create too much commotion for us little guys. Have a room in your home set up with water and toys where your pet(s) can relax if the people and noise become too much!

Take out the trash

It’s hard enough to resist the food while it’s on the table, but the leftover scraps are tempting even after the meal has been cleaned up. Dirty dishes and garbage should be out of reach from pets to prevent us from eating something that could make us sick.

Decoration Dos and Don’ts

Christmas trees make the best Thanksgiving decoration, am I right? The tinsel and twinkling lights make our house look oh so pretty during the holidays, but snacking on these can make us very sick. Im no stranger to getting into things I shouldn’t, so Mom hangs the decorations in places where my fur-bros and I  won’t be able to reach them.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting my full belly rubbed from all the holiday guests! What’s your favorite part? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram what you’re most excited for!

Happy Feastin’,

One Up Max