FullSizeRender[13]There are a number of things I love about fall. I love the cozy sweaters I get to wear. I love napping in mom’s bed under the covers. I love warming up by the fireplace. And now I really love pumpkin! My love for pumpkin started when I visited the pumpkin patch this fall (I had no idea I even loved pumpkin until then), but it really blossomed when mom introduced me to NuPath doggie health supplements. See, I guess the trick is that pumpkin is very high in soluble fiber, which naturally helps regulate digestion, and it has a high absorption rate, meaning I’m getting more of the active ingredients. Anyways, all I really know is once I saw my mom squeeze it on to the spoon, I came running! What a treat! Oh and side note mom, you never tricked me with those little supplement pills, I knew exactly what you were doing….go check my stash behind the couch!

There are four different kinds but I’m only trying the kinds I need most, the Hip & Joint and the Skin & Coat formulas. I’m an agility dog at heart, but not so much physically. The Hip & Joint formula has really helped my smooth moves on the course. I also had some shoulder problems for a while, which now seem to have miraculously disappeared. This NuPath stuff must have some magic ingredients in it. I am crossing my paws that the pain stays at bay. Mom says it should if I keep up with my spoonful a day. Fine by me! This pumpkin stuff is delicious!FullSizeRender[16]

I also love the Skin & Coat formula. It’s been working so well, mom has been giving me less baths, which is great
considering I hate water, and it can be very drying during the fall and winter months. Who knew I could have such a shin
coat without all those wretched baths? I will definitely keep eating that one! Mom will have to switch it up though, because now I can ‘t wait for my spoonful a day. They are so delicious; it reminds me of playing in the pumpkin field!

NuPath also has Calming and Digestion formulas too. I’ll give those a try and report back later. But in the mean time, I think I’ll give some away to you guys! Head to my Instagram account and look for the contest post! One lucky fan will score some magically delicious pumpkin puree to try on their own! (Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!)

More adventures later!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max