So…ummm…do you guys know if there will be a parade on national Dog Day or what? Did you mark your calendars for August 26th? I know for sure that there will be ZERO fireworks because DUH! Unless we all want to huddle in our Thundershirts! I kid, I kid!

What do we want on National Dog Day! Unlimited cheeseburgers! When do we want them? Right barking now! We could lead a ruff-o-lution!

Hey, a dog can dream, right? I know Mom has something planned because she circled the date on her calendar! So, it kinda feels like my birthday! But it kinda feels like everyone’s birthday! Pancho and Tuesday and Trixie and JP and Gizmo and Benji and Jazz! Oh, my (as the old movie saying goes!) Every day is like an episode of the barkin’ Brady Bunch and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

National Dog Day makes my heart swell because it is a day when humans and dogs can get together and do exactly what every dog was put here on this planet to do…share love.

Did you know that is the meaning of the entire dog existence? To teach humans to relax and enjoy every single miraculous minute of their lives? You might have heard that’s the reason dogs age seven years for every human one. Well, it’s true and it’s in the doggy handbook! We already get why we are here! To chase ALL the tennis balls, to snuggle with our people and to even play with cats! (LMDBO – that’s laughing my dog butt off!)

Life’s too short and we know that because we have less time than you to enjoy it.

National Dog Day lets you see the world through our eyes for 24 hours! (Not long enough if you ask me, but ruff-ever!)


Eat the hamburger cake!

Run through the grass (or roll around in it! I love it when I turn green from an especially hard day tearing across the lawn and wiggling around on my back)!

Play ALLLLLLLL day until we’re tired and…

THEN sleep in the sun!

Smile as much as you can to make everyone around you happy.

It doesn’t even really matter what we do on this holiday, as long as we do it together.

All that matters is that we take the time to appreciate each other. You don’t have to buy anything or do anything fancy, for fur’s sakes! Just be there. And put your phone down (unless we’re taking selfies together, then snap away!) But otherwise, sit and stay and watch the sunset. Take in the everyday beauty. It’s easy to overlook when you’re busy.

For one day let everything else go! What’s a little mess after all? A few treat crumbs, a few slobber drops in the hallway? Muddy footprints to go with the blast of tromping around in the rain? Nothing beats the simple joys in life. That’s the goal of a dog’s life every day

When we wake up, we get after it like the best game of fetch EVER. I pop out of bed wondering how much fun I can have and how many memories I can make with Mom and Dad and the whole fur-family!

The hours slip by fast on the best day in the world… Let’s not rush our memories!

Soon enough you can return to your regular life of racing around while we dogs scratch our heads and try to understand why peace and quiet aren’t more important to you!

So, start planning! Let’s do everything you want to do. Come and get your love, humans!

National Dog Day rules!!

Ears Truly,
One Up Max