Is it Halloween Yet? My Top 10 Canine Costumes

You know when the best time is to plan your Halloween costume? Smack in the middle of summer. I started thinking about what I wanted to be when I was drifting around our pool in my giant catcher’s mitt floatie. The sun was warm on my haunches and I was doing everything I could not to tip over… you know why #waternotafan #nowaternoway

This was my last resort after lounging in the shade and chasing Misty, the outdoorsy kitty, around under the trees. One step outside of the comfort zone, and I was fried. That’s when I carefully tiptoed into the catcher’s mitt and sat the heck down before I doused myself with a tip in the pool!

Floating around in no man’s pool-land, I got to thinking…about cooler times like Halloween!

As dogs, we kind of get the short end of the hot dog when it comes to our costumes because we can’t tell our moms and dads what we really want to be. Mom tries to read my mind, but sometimes she comes up short.

So, as I hung there in the pool, with the water dangerously close to touching my fur, I drummed up this list of costumes I’ve been dreaming about:

  1. Strip of bacon (because I can never have enough bacon in my life)
  2. An avocado – they should be California’s official favorite fruit! (Did you know they aren’t a vegetable?) #mindblown
  3. A race car – I am the fastest at tag after all! And I can switch directions in a hot dog flash!
  4. A lion (this is such a natural choice, admit it!) I close my eyes and see the majesty as I strut down the sidewalk.
  5. Frankendog (just picture it!)
  6. Elvis – I am nuthin’ but a hound dog after all!
  7. Alf! Mom’s fave show 😉 But wait…does she think there’s some kind of crazy resemblance? MOOOO-OOOM-M-M-M!!
  8. A Dalmatian (except smaller and cuter! Obviously!)
  9. A Teddy bear… D’aw! (Admit it! You can see it!)
  10. A Flamenco dancer (to get all the fur-ocious ladies! And with a rose in my teeth, natch!)
  • Note! I have already been Super Dog! Check out my fly pic!

So, Mom, if you’re reading this, I hope you will pick a costume for this year off my list. I feel pawsitive you would love any one of them. I would be the chillest dog at the dog park, too and maybe that one little Chihuahua with the deep amber eyes would want to go for a walk for a couple of pup cones? Hey, a dog can dream, can’t he?

Tell me your best costume suggestion and maybe it’ll make it onto my list. At the very least, figuring out my next move takes my mind off the heat. #dreamingofhalloween #costumecountdown

Ears Truly,

One Up Max