Tomorrow’s forecast: sunny with a chance of naps and indoor playtime.

It has been so hot lately that I have not been able to practice my agility skills. I usually go see Jessica (my trainer) on Thursdays to get me ready for the weekend trials (competitions) but I’ve had to skip a few weeks because of the heat. Between the sunshine and my broken fans I
talked about in my Home Depot Adventures blog, I might have ended up with two ears down from all FullSizeRender[3]the exhaustion.

I miss everything about my agility lessons when we have to cancel, like the A-Frame, the dog walk and the teeter, but I also really miss my little buddy Amelia who tags along with her mom on lesson days. She is a future junior trainer, so we basically get to practice together. She makes my lessons so much more fun!

I hope this summer fever breaks soon so I can get back to my courses and practice a bit before my next trial. I will share photos when I’m done!

More adventures later!

Ears Truly,

One Up Max